Found this image in a brochure for our future TCM school in Henan.  A pulse simulator!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are two highly subjective diagnostic tools.  One is tongue diagnosis while the other is pulse diagnosis.  In tongue diagnosis, the practitioner examines the patient’s tongue for signs of heat, cold, excess and deficiency.  This actually gained a little controversy a few years back when one Irvine acupuncturist diagnosed Miley Cyrus’s tongue after seeing her on an award show.

The other traditional diagnostic tool involves taking the patient’s pulse.  On each wrist there are three positions that correlate to different systems in the body.  Immunity, digestion, circulation, reproductive and even mental health can all be ascertained by an expert practitioner.

In fact, the classic Chinese soap opera scene involves a traveling doctor rolling into town and being presented with some sickly young woman in need of help.  He doesn’t ask the woman any questions.  He just takes the pulse while the townspeople look on, and (dramatic pause) the young woman is pregnant!  Who’s the father?  When’s the wedding? What will the parents think?  We all know the story.

Anyway, as you can see by the sophisticated machinery, the Chinese have taken learning and diagnosing the pulse very seriously.  When showing this to my classmates, many share my amazement.  I mean, I knew it was possible but…wow.  Regardless, I think I’m ready to take on the robo-pulse, and in two weeks (March 19th), I’ll be that much closer.

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