Short Update: The End is Nigh

Taking a rest day here in Zhengzhou.  There hasn’t been rain in a few weeks and, in that time, the smog has been growing thicker and thicker to the point where we can’t see past a mile down the street.  It’s an oppressive kind of feeling.  A hide indoors and close the blinds kind of feeling.

I was out and about earlier today, buying moxa sticks at a medical supply store.  A friend and I had fun checking out their scalpels, hospital beds, bone saws, wheel chairs, acupuncture needles, and abortion machines (no joke).  Then we chatted with a few retirees playing cards at a local park.  They loved that we studied Chinese medicine and didn’t seem too affected by the weather.

And yet, there’s something in the air.  The past two weeks have been weird ones.  I’ll spare you all the details, but I will say that last week felt like a kind of transition.  Now we’re on the other side.

How can I put it, readers?  If this China trip was a meal, the entree has been served.  Maybe there’ll be dessert.  Something small, not too heavy.  I could use a little coffee at this point.  A kind of digestif.

Anywho, I’m excited to see what’s to come.  While I don’t expect any surprises, I am optimistic about having a few shifts in the digestive disorders department.  More tongues.  More pulses.  More formulas to research.  Sounds like work (and it is) but the digestive stuff is crucial to good TCM and I’m ready to nab that last piece of the puzzle.

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