Herb Nerd has been busy with this and that.  You know, working at a top-notch integrative medicine clinic in Berkeley, treating patients at the student clinic with techniques learned in China, and of course, obsessively scratching that herbal medicine itch that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Recent news reports that graduation is just around the corner and some kind of hustle is necessary to save the world and pay the bills.  My thoughts these days have been on acupuncture, massage, and lifestyle coaching but there is question over how to do something with all these herbs!

At the Berkeley Center for Natural Medicine (my place of work), we do a lot of herbal medicine in the form of powdered granules that are mixed, matched and then sent home with patients with all varieties of issues.  This works.  People do this and many come back for more.

My thing is that I’m imagining a website and I’m seeing, you know, pain management specialistdeep tissue massage therapist, herbal enthusiast, healthy hedonist, pictures from Chinese hospitals, etc…  What I’m missing is something beyond the average acupuncturist MySpace page.  Not just a different color palette or user interface but a specialty of sorts.

Here’s where we get to what I’m talking about: purgatives.  Purgatives require a certain level of commitment from a motivated patient.  Chinese herbal purgatives also have further reaching effects than your average health store box of laxatives.  These laxatives typically flush the stool but aren’t used in such a way that can dredge out heat, phlegm, and toxicity from the whole body.  Also, the over the counter box of laxatives is not individualized to your condition and not formulated to target more serious health issues.

What kind of health issues are we talking here?  Well, my research is just now beginning but I have seen studies that show some purgative herbs treating liver disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, gynecological disease and even mania.

Additionally, it should be noted that these purgatives can be combined with other kinds of herbs to treat an even greater variety of problems.  For example, if you want to use a bank heist as a metaphor, our purgative would be the getaway car for the other herbs working within the vault.

Now, obviously I’m not saying that purgatives can fix anything.  In the next few weeks/months I’ll be doing more investigation into hospital studies and labs to find what issues are being treated with the greatest results.  Then I can build treatment protocols and hone my focus.

What gets me really excited about this therapy is that it will be a kind of “sound the alarm” to patients who want this kind of release.  Patients who are seeking this kind of therapy will be ready to take part in a whole program where we not only flush the system but also rebuild in a way that encourages lasting change.

Again, this is not something I want to market as a cleanse for the everyman.  My goal is to create alternative/complementary therapies to diseases that aren’t being properly handled with mainstream medicine.

I’ll keep a running update in weeks to come to chart my own discoveries and interests!

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  1. Sally says:

    The road less travelled is all yours!!


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